Wednesday’s practice saw four of Butler’s rowers pulling a 2k and one rower pulling a 6k, their first tests of the season.

Varsity rower, Rachel Kappeler set a 6k PR time of 26:24.0 with an average 500m split of 2:12.0.

While Kappeler rowed her 6k, novice Nick Williams warmed up for and pulled his first 2k test as an official member of the Butler Rowing team. Williams set his first, and best, time at 8:14.8 with an average 500m split of 2:03.7.

Novice Zhenzhen Xiang was up next with a time of 9:17.7 and an average 500m split of 2:19.4.

Our third, and last novice, who took on the 2k test was Elise Bonnes with a time of 9:49.2 and an average split of 2:27.3.

Our last 2k test of the night was pulled by two-year varsity and three-year member of Butler Rowing, Caitlin Ladd. Ladd finished with a time of 9:11.8. Her previous 500m average split and PR of 2:18.8 was beaten by 0:00.9 for a new average split of 2:17.9

Congratulations to all of our RowDawgs who rowed their hearts out on the ergs!

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