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Bald Eagle Invitational – A Reflection by Kylie Pfeifer

Last weekend the team participated in the Bald Eagle Regatta hosted by Purdue University. It was fortunately at our home course at Eagle Creek Park. It was our first real regatta and there were many teams there such as the University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota, Ohio State, Marquette University, and many more. Throughout the day we could interact with the other teams and experience what a regatta day was really like. It was such a cool experience to not only compete but watch some incredible team races too. We competed in the novice class in which all the boats contain first-year rowers.
We put three boats on the water to compete. Our first boat was a novice women’s 8 in class A. Our ladies did great placing 8th in their class rowing against some great teams. Unfortunately, we did not have enough rowers to fill our other two 8 boats, but we owe a huge thanks to IUPUI for graciously offering up rowers to help fill them. Our second boat competed as a novice women’s 8 in class B and got 3rd earning them a bronze medal! Our third boat was a novice men’s 8 in class C+. Our men also did great placing 8th in their class. All of our teams were incredible competitors against some big schools that have had a lot more practice than us.
Overall, I am so proud of what we have been able to accomplish this fall in practice and all of the hard work we have put in paid off on Saturday. It was a great end to our fall race season, and we will be training all winter to get ready for our spring race season!

-Kylie Pfeifer


Scrimmage Against IUPUI – A Reflection by Hannah Beaven

Cold temperatures and fierce winds were no match for the Butler Club Crew Team at the scrimmage against IUPUI. Nervous strokes gave way to clicking oars as the Butler women’s eight eventually pulled ahead to a decisive victory against the IUPUI women’s team in the first race of the morning. After cheering from the docks and staying warm on the ergs, the team competed next against the IUPUI men’s team in a second race. Despite having two IUPUI rowers to fill the eight, Butler’s team put up a strong showing and kept pace with the IUPUI men’s shell. Increasing winds, choppy waters, and respiratory illnesses forced the cancellation of a third race. Nevertheless, Butler walked away with much to be proud of. The cleaner technique, smoother timing, and stronger rowing of the team’s performance is only a preview of what is to come at the next competition on November 2nd. In the meantime, catch us at the IRC training hard and continuing to grow into the unified, tightly-knit team that we are striving to become. Go dawgs!

– Hannah Beaven


Butler Club Crew Competes in First Regatta – A Reflection by Lauren Salela

Last weekend Club Crew had their first race, this was nothing but an experience for every single team member I would say. We learned how to work under stress, compete against other teams, and what it means to learn from our mistakes and keep charging on. There were two key moments that really stuck out to me from this day, the gameday jitters were among us causing us to get frantic and there was a moment about halfway through the course where everything we have been working at this semester just clicked and there was this mutual feeling that “it’s ok, we can do this, I know how to do this and I will do this” and at that moment we began to slowly creep up on our fellow competitors and excelled forward, we finished together as a team, not as individuals but as one, this will forever be a moment I will remember and cherish.

Another moment that stuck out among others was after the race we all gathered together and we talked, and in that conversation, our coach said one phrase that hit a little bit harder and it was “I am proud of you”, a phrase that is often thrown around without caution, but this time it meant something, it meant that all those hours on the water, in the gym, and together paid off and was transforming into something wonderful. We were becoming not just students who practiced together but a team with a passion and a goal and at that moment one person was proud of us, he was a proud coach, a proud spectator, and our biggest cheerleader.

This weekend we have another race, the outcome is unsure, but one thing I can promise is that bulldogs always show up, work hard and have fun, and that is all that matters at the end of the day.

– Lauren Salela