The club tennis team hopes everyone had a fun, relaxing Christmas break! While we were away, the courts were resurfaced in the Tennis Bubble and they look fantastic! For pictures make sure to check out the Men’s and Women’s tennis team’s social media accounts.

The biggest difference between the new courts and the old ones is the amount of traction you can get when moving. The old courts in numerous spots were slick, and it was easy to lose your balance when sliding or changing direction. The new courts allow for a much faster change of motion, and you have much more control when sliding as well. A major benefit to the new courts is also the clear lines. Especially on the baseline, the lines are easy to see and they make close calls much easier to determine.

But with these new courts comes the need to keep them in good condition. It is important to always wear tennis specific shoes when playing on new courts as to not damage them. Tennis specific shoes are clear by their wider bases and reinforced sides. For example, it is much more difficult to roll your ankle in tennis specific shoes, since the sides are much more sturdy. In order to avoid injury and damage to the courts, always make sure to wear proper tennis shoes when participating in any physical activity on a tennis court.

That’s all for this update, the club tennis team is excited for tournaments to come in February and March!

Posted by Erich Endres