Last Curling of Semester

This semester has flown by so fast! Our last curling session is this Friday, November 30th at the Fuel Tank.  We will be there repping our brand new sweatshirts!


Update- Fall Curling

The club curling team is putting up some impressive stats so far this season.  Over 20 members have curled, 7 of which are brand new members.  The next two Fridays we are facing UIndy at the Fuel Tank.  We also have a fundraiser coming up at Chipotle on November 6th.


First Practice of the Season

On Friday, 10 members of the club curling team had their first practice!  In our scrimmage, the red team beat the yellow team 6-3.  Our four new members have promising talent.  Can’t wait to start league games against Purdue, UIndy, and Carmel High School.



Exciting Update

With block party over and school now in session, we are excited to announce that our roster has grown by 133%.  Wow! Can’t wait for curling to start up again in September!

Kelley Martin


End of the Curling Season

This season has been AMAZING! I couldn’t have asked to curl with a better group of people! Ending the year with over 30 members and already getting emails from people who want to join the team next year is so  beyond exciting. I wish the next president and exec team the best of luck as they take on their new leadership roles!


Break for the Olympics

What a great season! All of our new members know the rules of curling and have been doing great out on the ice! Now it’s time to take a short break before we enter Circle City Curling Club’s bracket. Perfect timing too! The winter Olympics are on, with 3 USA teams.


Below are pictures of a recent game and some of our members who participated in raising money for Riley Childen’s Hospital at Butler University’s Dance Marathon.


2017 Fall Start Up

Hello everyone!

We’re about to start up our new season with a wopping 30 members – the most we’ve had in years! Our first curling 101 sessions will be tomorrow! Past this, we can expect 3 or 4 more Curling 101 sessions on September 28th, October 5th, and possibly October 12th.  If anyone is still interested in joining, email us, and we can give you more information!

Looking forward to this fall semester season, and hope to see you all on the ice! 

Jacqueline Murphy


Fall 2016 wrap-up

Hey guys,

I just wanted to say how fantastic this fall season has been. I’ve been so impressed with not only how many new members we’ve gained this year, but also the level of enthusiasm this Freshman class has shown for our club. As the fall semester draws to a close, we’re looking toward the spring. I’m keeping my eye out for bonspiels next semester, and I’m still trying to coordinate hosting our own in Fort Wayne after we come back from break.

Thanks for a fantastic fall semester, best luck on your finals, and happy holidays!


Spring 2016 wrap-up

Two weeks ago, we finished out our spring season with Circle City Curling at the Arctic Zone in Westfield. While we may not have finished in the position we would liked to, our members played hard week in and week out.

We were also able to get quite a bit of practice and experience in for new club members this season due to the high number of people volunteering to play in the weekly games.

As we look toward the Fall of 2016, we’re currently planning to host our Butler Bonspiel at Fort Wayne Curling Club sometime around October/November.