Good Luck at 2019 Zones!

Huge congratulations to freshman Olivia Bradley on a successful ride placing 2nd at IHSA Regionals and moving onto Zones in the intermediate division! We are so excited to cheer you on this weekend!


Spring 2019 Goals

We’re THIS excited to be back for another amazing semester! Here are some of our team members’ goals for this semester:

  • Sophomore Kate Hussey wants to work towards greater confidence during her lessons.
  • Junior Jessica Lee is working on regaining her strength after a year studying abroad.
  • Freshman Grace Calabria is excited to learn how to jump – hopefully without falling off!
  • Sophomore Ally Griffin is looking forward to maintaining the progress she made on her equitation last semester.

Welcome back to all our riders and we are so excited for the semester ahead!


October Update

Less than one week until our first horse show of the season! We are so excited to show how hard we have been working and we can’t wait to introduce our first year team members to IHSA showing!


St. Mary March 3-4

The Butler Equestrian team wrapped up a great season at St. Mary of the Woods March 3-4. The weather was beautiful and we were able to compete outside for the first time this year!


Taylor 2nd place Novice Flat

Abby 5th place Alumni Flat 1st Alumni Fences


Ally 5th Intermediate Fences and Flat

Taylor 4th Novice Fences

Abby 3rd place Alumni Fences 4th Alumni Flat

Kate 2nd Beginning Walk-Trot-Canter 



Black Dog Farms Feb 17-18 Results

The Butler Club Equestrian Team had a great weekend at Black Dog Farms for the IHSA show hosted by Taylor University. Everyone had great rides and a lot of fun. Alumni Abby Krabacher qualified for regionals in fences and Taylor Young had an impressive first place in Novice Fences. See below for full results, pictures, and videos. 


Saturday February 17th

Ally Griffin 5th place Intermediate Flat

Molly Russell 2nd place Novice Fences, 5th place Novice Flat

Taylor Young 5th place Novice Fences, 6th place Novice Flat

Abby Krabacher 4th Place Alumni Fences, 6th Place Alumni Flat

Hannah Sparks 6th Place Advance Walk-Trot-Canter

Sunday February 18th

Ally Griffin 6th Place Intermediate Fences, 5th Place Intermediate Flat

Taylor Young 1st place Novice Fences, 6th Place Novice Flat

Abby Krabacher 2nd place Alumni Fences, 3rd Place alumni flat

Hannah Sparks Advanced Walk-Trot-Canter 


Taylor University @ Black Dog Farm Nov 18-19 and December

A late congratulations to all who showed at the November and December Black Dog Shows! Despite some crazy weather the team did a great job!


November Saturday

Erica Zirkelbach 5th Open Fences, 1st Open Flat

Ally Griffin 2nd Intermediate Fences, 4th Intermediate Flat

Lena Fajardo 4th Novice Fences, 3rd Novice Flat

Taylor Young 5th Novice Flat

Abby Krabacher 3rd Alumni Fences, 5th Alumni Flat

November Sunday

Ally Griffin 2nd Alumni Fences, 5th Alumni Flat

Abby Krabacher 2nd Alumni Fences, 5th Alumni Flat

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, shoes

December Saturday

Ally Griffin 5th Intermediate Flat

December Sunday

Kennedy Broadwell 4th Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter

Olivia Novice Fences Novice Flat



Show Results 11/4 & 11/5 at Saint-Mary’s Of the Woods

Congrats to all who showed at our first show! Good job ladies placing 3rd as a team on Saturday!

Special shout out to Abby and Ally for there 1st places this weekend!


Abby 2nd Alumni Fences & 6th Alumni Flat

Ally 1st Intermediate Fences & 6th Intermediate Flat

Jeanie 4th Intermediate Fences & 5th Open Flat

Taylor 3rd Novice Fences 

Erica 3rd Open Fences & 3rd Open Flat

Lena 3rd Novice Flat

Kiersten 2nd Advanced Walk Trot Canter


Abby 1st Alumni Fences and 3rd Alumni Flat

Ally 6th Intermediate Fences & 5th Intermediate Flat

Jeanie 4th Intermediate Fences & 4th Open Flat

Erica 2nd Open Fences & 2nd Open Flat

Kiersten 5th Novice Flat

Jessica 5th Walk Trot


Show Results 2-18 & 2-19

Congrats to all who showed at our final show of the season! It was a great end to the season!

Sunday 2-18

Molly Russell – 5th Place Novice Fences & 5th Place Novice Flat

Abby Krabacher – 5th Place Alumni Flat & 5th Place Novice Fences

Lizzie Stickney – 2nd Place Alumni Fences & 1st Place Alumni Flat

Kiersten Lindskoog – 4th Place Beginning Walk Trot Canter

Photo Credit: Max Bailey Photography

Pictured on the left: Kiersten Lindskoog & Blue Jeans

Pictured on the right: Hannah Sparks & Blue Jeans

Saturday 2-19

Amanda Piroué – 3rd Place Intermediate Fences & 6th Place Open Flat

Lena Fajardo – 2nd Place Novice Fences & 3rd Place Novice Flat

Abby Krabacher – 3rd Place Alumni Fences & 4th Place Alumni Flat

Lizzie Stickney – 2nd Place Alumni Fences & 1st Place Alumni Flat

Hannah Sparks – 2nd Place Advanced Walk Trot Canter

Kiersten Lindskoog – 3rd Place Beginning Walk Trot Canter