A late congratulations to all who showed at the November and December Black Dog Shows! Despite some crazy weather the team did a great job!


November Saturday

Erica Zirkelbach 5th Open Fences, 1st Open Flat

Ally Griffin 2nd Intermediate Fences, 4th Intermediate Flat

Lena Fajardo 4th Novice Fences, 3rd Novice Flat

Taylor Young 5th Novice Flat

Abby Krabacher 3rd Alumni Fences, 5th Alumni Flat

November Sunday

Ally Griffin 2nd Alumni Fences, 5th Alumni Flat

Abby Krabacher 2nd Alumni Fences, 5th Alumni Flat

December Saturday

Ally Griffin 5th Intermediate Flat

December Sunday

Kennedy Broadwell 4th Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter

Olivia Novice Fences Novice Flat


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