Who else is ready for the snow season?!

Welcome back Dawgs!

As the first couple of weeks have wrapped up, we’re excited to welcome everyone back to campus and to have met a lot of the new first years at block party. We will have our first callout meeting within the next few weeks. If you don’t know if your name is on the email list, please reach out to one of the officers and let us know you’re interested and we will be sure to add you to the roster.

Here’s a little motivation to get through the end of the week.


Welcome back, Dawgs!

Hey everyone!

We hope you all had a fantastic summer and are excited to be back on campus with you! If you are interested in joining the ski and snowboard club, please visit us at the block party Tuesday, August 21st from 5:00-7:00. We would love to meet with you and talk to you about the exciting events we have coming up throughout the year.

See you all soon! Go Dawgs!