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We are so excited to attend Sectionals in Madison, Wisconsin! We brought 9 bulldogs, ready to play and ready to win. After a 5.5 hour car ride with some good (repetitive) jams, we settled in for the night and anticipated our first day of matches. We woke up at an ungodly hour, gave a few pep talks, and entered the court prepared. Rachel jumped some rope to intimidate our opponents and we think it worked. We just played our first match, beating Central Michigan 30-10. Go Dawgs!

The day took a turn for the worst when we got the email about a mandatory Mumps booster shot and Rachel experienced heat flashes as the rest of the team laughed. Now, we (mainly Isaac) are cramming in some homework before a quick lunch and our next match! Dawgs gotta eat! Stay tuned on our Twitter page for more updates!