Regionals – Brooklyn Boulders, Chicago, IL

5 members of the club made their way out to USA Bouldering Regionals on March 30.

The gracious hosts at Brooklyn Boulders opened up their facility to over 50 competitors.

39 male competitors and 13 female competitors made for tough competition but all members scored in the top 50%. Sarah Frischmeyer, the sole female competitor on the team this year, placed 7th in bouldering, just 2 places behind Nationals qualifying.

We are very proud of all members of our competitive team and can’t wait to see what kind of successes we will see next year as we plan to take competitions more seriously.


Competition – Success!

This past weekend, the Climbing Club took a HUGE trip down to Brevard, North Carolina to check out the Local competition set up at Brevard Rock Gym.

With the full intent to test the waters, our members not only competed with no previous experience, they CRUSHED expectations.

  • Drew Hauber placed 7th out of 52 male competitors
  • Sarah Frisch placed 19th out of 28 females despite climbing only 6 months
  • Austin Ware ranked 26th out of 52 males
  • Peter Larson ranked 38th out of 52 males
  • Drew Hauber and Peter Larson climbed the hardest route out of the team, Route #50 out of 67 available routes


Sadly, Austin, our Safety Officer, was not able to use his EMT skills to splint any broken bones or suture any open wounds. Maybe next time Austin (although we are very happy everyone stayed safe).


With our free time before the competition, we hiked to Looking Glass Falls, a treasure of the Pisgah National Forest. After heavy rains the days previous, there was a spectacular display in the woods that day.


Observe our climbers highlight in the competition live stream and photos from the trip!


View Full Competition Here

Competition Highlights:


Competition – Two Weeks

Climbers are getting ready for our upcoming competition in Brevard, North Carolina. Training on their on time and getting to the gym, everyone’s hard work is really paying off and it shows!

Geared up, fueled up and ready to compete, we have just one short weekend left to climb (and pack) for this trip, an amazing opportunity many climbers wouldn’t have had without the help of the club.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or you just want to talk about how cool rock climbing is (we know, right?) any one of our officers will be available on our email below to help you out.

Rock on!

Peter, Climbing Club President ’18-’19


Email: climbingclub.bu@gmail.com


Photos from climbers’ individual trips in the past:


Climbing – 2019 Spring Season

Butler’s Climbing Club is all set to go this spring! We have so far registered 26 climbers and counting for the Spring Semester and are looking to begin climbing by early next week.

Our competition meeting will be held today at 5 PM in PH106A to help climbers learn more about what it will take to compete and what they can do to train and prepare for North Carolina.

We have strong climbers that we can see moving onto Regional competitions in Chicago this spring and can’t wait to see the success of the club!


Finals and Climbing

Hey there, Climbers!

We look forward to seeing lots of new potential climbers for next semester at Hoosier Heights.

With our hopes set on a trip to compete in North Carolina and an outdoor trip in the spring, what more could you want out of a simple registration?

Hope you had a wonderful break and a great end to the semester!

– Peter, Climbing Club President


Upcoming Competition

Although many climbers will be headed home for Thanksgiving Break, November 13th is the date of Hoosier Height’s “Melee in the Midwest” competition. They will be hosting it on Saturday after classes have finished. With climbers from all over the U.S., there are still climbers from right here in Indianapolis that will be able to represent Butler and compete in this awesome opportunity.


Monthly Update

Our climbers have been having an amazing time getting started this semester!

Members have been improving in their skills in climbing ability and we’ve seen a lot of improvement in just such a short time. Some of our newest members have already progressed from beginning 5.7 or VB climbing to some V3 and 5.10a levels! It’s been an absolute joy to see people’s confidence grow as they see their own boundaries being pushed each week.

Next semester you are welcome to join us, feel free to contact us at the emails below.

– Peter Larson, Club Climbing President | pelarson@butler.ed

Club Email: climbingclub@butler.edu


Block Party

Come check us out at Block Party tomorrow evening from 5 – 8 PM! We’ll have more information there regarding our first call out meeting and schedule for the semester!


New 2018 Season

Are you as excited as we are to get climbing this year? With new executive officers, new ideas and direction, the 2018 climbing season is filled with potential. The only thing missing is YOU!


Attend SGA’s block party and look for our booth to sign up for more information about what is to come this year. Better get climbing!


Time to Spring into Action

Our climbers have been doing a fantastic job this semester getting some new routes under their belt (or should we say harness) and we’ve seen a lot of progress in every individual who has made it out to climb!

Coming back from spring break, we hope to see those beach bums back on the ropes and climbing with as much fervor as they had before.

Getting back some info on this spring for an outdoor trip and looking forward to getting outside in this awesome weather!