This past weekend, the Climbing Club took a HUGE trip down to Brevard, North Carolina to check out the Local competition set up at Brevard Rock Gym.

With the full intent to test the waters, our members not only competed with no previous experience, they CRUSHED expectations.

  • Drew Hauber placed 7th out of 52 male competitors
  • Sarah Frisch placed 19th out of 28 females despite climbing only 6 months
  • Austin Ware ranked 26th out of 52 males
  • Peter Larson ranked 38th out of 52 males
  • Drew Hauber and Peter Larson climbed the hardest route out of the team, Route #50 out of 67 available routes


Sadly, Austin, our Safety Officer, was not able to use his EMT skills to splint any broken bones or suture any open wounds. Maybe next time Austin (although we are very happy everyone stayed safe).


With our free time before the competition, we hiked to Looking Glass Falls, a treasure of the Pisgah National Forest. After heavy rains the days previous, there was a spectacular display in the woods that day.


Observe our climbers highlight in the competition live stream and photos from the trip!


View Full Competition Here

Competition Highlights:

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