Now the excitement of the Holiday season is over its time to settle down and get ready for a new season of volleyball. With that being said, it is now the season for award shows. So, before we move onto the more competitive part of our season Butler Volleyball would like to reflect on the fall season and hand out some awards. Now these awards carry now prize value or trophy, but more the respect and honor to be engraved on this blog forever. So, it is now our great pleasure to present to you the 2018 fall season awards:


We start with the practice player of the year. This award honors the player that always shows up to every practice and gives 110%. Practice would not be complete without seeing this guy playing hard and laying it all on the court. Congratulations to the 2018 practice player of the year Michael Chinn!


We travel a lot, driving four to five hours on average to tournaments and then four to five hours back. With this much time in a car you learn a lot about ones driving habits and skills… or in this case lack thereof. It is great honor that we present the 2018 driver of the year award to Johnny McDonald, please please learn to drive better for this season.


We stay at a lot of budget hotels and they’re always pretty boring and in the middle of the nowhere. We can always count on one person to make sure the morale in the hotel stays high. Making sure the team is together and not bored in the middle of nowhere. So, the Red Roof traveler of the year award goes to Trevor Tokarek


When Jakob Jozwiakowski graduated last year, we knew we would not only lose his setting skills but also his ability to trash talk and get in the other team’s head. Luckily this year we have recruited a freshman that loves to play the mental game with the other team. Alex Reinke is this year’s Trash talker of the year award winner, congratulations!


Now most of those awards were well deserved but had a jovial attitude to them, it’s time for the real team awards. Below you will find the winners of the Defensive and offensive player of the year awards, the team spirit award, the mental attitude award winner, and finally this seasons MVP.


Team spirit award is someone that always goes the extra mile to make sure time morale is at an all-time high. Whether that be during practice or during games this player is always in a happy and jovial mood. The fall season team spirit award goes to Jacob Gulley.


Butler Blue III is someone that always keeps everyone at Butler happy and focused. The face of the university, and face for what the Butler way is. That is why it is an honor to name our mental attitude award after him. There is a player this season that has showed up to every practice with a smile on his face ready to do anything form setup the nets to tear them down. Always making sure he has a good time during volleyball practice and is ready to play. Without further introduction Matthew O’Hern or Matty Ice is our mental attitude award winner.


And lastly the three awards that need no introduction or explanation:

Jared Curcio Defensive Player of the Season: Jonathon Phoun

Offensive Player of the Season: Jackson Nagle

Team MVP: Robert Smith


It was a great fall season but the dawgs are hungry and ready to kick off the spring season and start the road to nationals. See you next week!


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