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Reminders and Good Luck on Finals!

Hello ski and snowboard club!

As a reminder we have confirmed our trip date to be January 25, 2020. We will be having a meeting with the people going on the trip a week or so before the trip to figure out rides and gear for everyone.

Don’t forget to bring your gear and skis/snowboard back from winter break.

Thank you and good luck on finals!


Trip Date and Sign Ups!

Hello everyone,

We are getting closer to ski and snowboard season and we have officially confirmed our trip date to be January 25, 2020! We will have a meeting before the trip in order to figure out rides and everyone that is going on the trip. Please fill out the google form below ASAP because there are a limited number of spots for the trip.

Thank you and see you all soon!


Have a good Fall Break!

Hey everyone!

We hope that everyone is having a strong first half of the semester and excited for a nice relaxing Fall Break! Our call-out meeting was a couple of weeks ago and we loved seeing so many new faces that are excited for our trips. We will have another meeting soon to discuss more details about our trip next semester.

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Hope everyone has a fun and relaxing Fall Break!