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A Player’s Perspective: Caroline

I came to Butler really hoping that I would be able to find some people to play ultimate frisbee with every now and then. I was thrilled when I saw a group playing ultimate on Schwitzer’s lawn on move-in day. I heard about the pick up games that they had all the time, so I started going to those and it was a lot of fun. Later, when Andrew (or president) asked if anyone wanted to join the actual club team, I was like, “Count me in!”

I had never played ultimate in an organized league before, but I got really into it from the camp I grew up going to for 8 years in Indiana; it was really big there. What I really love about Butler’s team is that they are really accepting of anybody and everybody who wants to play. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never even picked up a disc before, they will be more than willing to take you in and teach you everything you need to know with patience. It’s also not super intense where if you can’t make it to a practice you’ll be in trouble or anything like that. They understand that school comes first. The team is really about just having fun and improving our weaknesses.

This year, we were lucky to have a few older guys who have a ton of experience come to some of our practices to help us out. I found it extremely helpful because they knew everything there was to know about ultimate. They really helped get our practices more organized. We now have a routine of dynamic stretching and drills, and a much better understanding of things to focus on when we play. I for one feel much more confident in what I’m doing on the field, and I can tell we have immensely improved as a team. We are only going to get better and better, and I love Butler Club Frisbee!

Tournament Results

Indiana Weslyan Cooldown Tournament Results

On October 27th, the Butler Ultimate Frisbee Team traveled to Indiana Weslyan for a tournament. About an hour north, our team arrived as a motley crew of excited, enthusiastic, players ready to prove themselves on the field. Here are the results from the seven hour day of straight Ultimate

Game 1: Butler 9 , ISU 11

**A tight contest from the very beginning, often we were tied or behind by a single score. This was a great first showing for our first matchup of the day.

Game 2: Butler 8 , IU-B 11

**After we pulled out to an early lead, IU battled back to tie the game at 8. We fought hard but ultimately lost. This was arguably our best game of the day: IU had twice as many players as we did; we had just finished our game against ISU; and IU has a legitimate coach.

Game 3: Butler 11 , UIndy 13

**After 5 of our players went home for other obligations, we were left with only 10 players, which was effectively 9 following an injury sustained in the IU matchup. We staged a 5 point comeback, complete with incredible defensive stands and flawless offense, before eventually giving up the final point.

Game 4: Butler 13 , IWU-B 2

**This was a fun game against a fun team. There was never a doubt of whether we would win the game, and we had opportunities to unleash the dreaded Spartan Defense and Dinosaur Offense.

Final standings after wins and point differences:

  1. Anderson
  2. Ball State
  3. IU
  4. IWU A
  5. Mackerel
  6. ISU
  7. IUPUI
  8. UIndy
  9. Butler
  10. Bethel
  11. Huntington
  12. IWU B


Our current overall record is 2-3.


New Jerseys!!!


Today ends our time outdoors for the winter. We had another legit practice  (by legit, we mean warming up, stretching, running drills, learning techniques on individual and group levels–all feats that have previously remained foreign to the ultimate club).

All of this has culminated in us looking better on the field than we ever have before. Our team is entering into a flow, and it gets better every week. My goal as president is to keep that flow improving through the winter months, meaning we’ll look for an indoor space to practice, preferably the West Gym of the Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Ending the practice with a rousing cheer, we were greeted with a surprise: New Jerseys!!! Enjoy the images below, we sure will be enjoying them ourselves. Keep follow us to find out how we performed at the Indiana-Wesleyen Tournament this weekend, and what our plans for the year are.


Practice Practice Practice

What has Butler Ultimate been up to? Well I’ll tell you right now: we’re revolutionizing the sport of Ultimate Frisbee on Butler’s campus.

The team out at practice. Photos courtesy of the Butler Collegian.

Are we using new equipment? New fields? Going to new tournaments? I answer yes to all of them, but that’s not how we are changing our image. What we have had to do is take a few steps backwards in order for giant steps forward to be possible.

After getting in contact with Nate, a Butler staff member who plays extensively with club teams in the Indianapolis area, he agreed to get a few of his buddies and come out to run a practice. It was a great moment. Not only were the freshmen learning basics that had slipped through the cracks, but the older players were learning just as much. I was corrected twice as much as I expected to and half as much as I wanted to.

These practices signal a change from playing casual games of pick-up into a more serious look into the mechanics of the game. As long as the weather remains above freezing and the it doesn’t get too dark out, we hope to have as many similar practices in the future.