Hi Dawgs!

I am excited to announce some of the big things that are happening in women’s club lacrosse as we begin a new spring season. First of all, we now have 22 members on our roster. This is a large growth from last semester, and an even larger growth from last year. How exciting! Additionally, we officially have 4 games on our schedule throughout February and March, and hopefully we will be adding a home tournament sometime in April, so stay tuned for that. But the most exciting piece of news is that we added a new executive position for the club: Marketing Chair. We will be holding elections throughout the next week and will be posting the results promptly after. The new position entails managing the club Twitter and Instagram accounts, attending executive meetings, and designing official schedule posters. All the current executive members are excited to have another hand to help out behind the scenes. Also, we will be continuing player of the month so stay on the lookout for those posts to cheer on our members for their accomplishments.

That’s all for now. And as always, GO DAWGS!



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