Kendall Jordan

Kendall is a first year Healthcare and Business major who has been playing lacrosse since kindergarten. She has been awarded player of the month for November because of her commitment to the team, performance at the scrimmage against the BU boys club lacrosse team, and for always bringing her positive attitude! She started playing lacrosse because her family encouraged her to play another team sport. Kendall loves the sport because, “lacrosse has given me so many memorable times, friendships, and opportunities. I love working towards a common goal with my teammates and coaches. It has allowed me to grow as a leader, and I’m so thankful to have had the game in my life for so long”. In the scrimmage against the boys Kendall thought it, “was fun and a good bonding experience. I think [the boys] learned a little more about girls lacrosse and it’s always nice to get a win”. One thing that Kendall is looking forward too for the upcoming spring season is to grow closer to the team and continue to get wins as we face stronger teams. 

Thank you Kendall for always being a positive and encouraging member of this team! We cannot wait to see the great things you accomplish this upcoming year.

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