The semester is coming to an end, and our climbers will soon head home. Some will hang their shoes over the fire in hopes that Santa will drop a chalk ball into the soles and hopefully all will continue climbing indoors during the cold winter months.

In all seriousness, the Climbing Club has had an amazing year so far. We’ve competed in twice as many competitions, traveled outdoors twice as much, and increased our competition team by more than double from last year.

Climbing Club has taken a serious turn but hasn’t forgotten about our newer members; we’ve held strong at 38 members and hope that even more will join us following the Olympic debut of competitive climbing. We also introduced our new constitution, where we clearly defined our officer roles and hope it will help when we roll out elections this coming Spring. Our Junior officers won’t be around forever!

Finally, from the Climbing Club to you, we all wish everyone a sendy holiday season. Keep crushing and come back in the Spring, when we hope to be stronger than ever and ready for Heartland Regionals!

Keep rocking on,
Peter – Climbing Club President

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