On behalf of the Butler Club Esports officer board, I want to extend a gigantic thank you again to all of our participants, streamers, donors, organizers, viewers, and supporters – this weekend’s Extra Life 24-hour charity stream was an incredible success, and we couldn’t have done it without you all!

We streamed virtually uninterrupted for 24 hours, covering titles from Sea of Thieves to Just Dance to Mario Party, to esports matches in League of Legends and Rocket League, competitive 1v1s and even a Mario Kart 8 speedrun.  During and before the 24 hours from 9pm Friday, November 15 to 9pm Saturday, November 16, we raised a total of $1,205 for Extra Life and Riley Hospital for Children here in Indianapolis.

We will absolutely be holding this event next year and on into the future, and maybe even in our brand-new parking garage esports facility – we are always looking to improve and develop as we go, so keep on the lookout for more details!

Posted by Joe Kirkpatrick

Butler Club Esports - VP of Public Relations

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