Hello fellow swimmers! Here are a few quick announcements to let you know where we’re at right now in terms of events!

Firstly, in order to be included within meet results and be eligible to attend the Club Swimming Nationals Competition in the spring, you need to register with College Club Swimming, a branch of Masters Swimming with which our club is associated. This will also add you to our roster so please head to https://www.clubassistant.com/club/college_club_swimming.cfm ! It only takes a few minutes, and will benefit both you and the executive team greatly. Additionally, if you would like to register for Masters itself, swim club members are given a discount of $20, being able to register for $25. The membership period is from now through December 2019, at which point it can be renewed if you so choose!

Next up, Starbucks! We will be drawing three winners to receive three $15 Starbucks gift cards the weekend before finals (next weekend). So, in order to increase your odds, make sure to head to the pool this week and sign in on the sign-in sheet mounted on the wall adjacent to the lap pool’s bleachers! 1 signed-in practice= 1 entry for the prize!

And finally, nationals! Club Nationals is currently scheduled for March 29-31 in Columbus, Ohio! We would love to take as many people as we can to nationals, regardless of whether you are competing or not, so keep that weekend open if possible! We have until March 3rd to qualify, so if that’s a goal of yours, make sure to get lots of practice in! Time standards can be found at http://csosu.weebly.com/2019-nationals.html. Congratulations to Drew Payton and Alexis Bubp who have already secured qualifying times!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact ushaikh@butler.edu with any inquiries.




Posted by Umy Shaikh

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