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This weekend we brought home the W from Rose-Hulman University to kick off the spring season with a score of 18-7! Our record is now 2-0, go dawgs! Statistics were not taken for this game due to the fact that the entire team was on the field at all times, but will be updated from here on. Check out our upcoming game schedule, and come support your fellow bulldogs to help them continue to bring more wins back to Butler.


February Play of the Month


Sarah Blatt

Sarah has been selected the women’s club lacrosse team’s player of the month for February due to her perfect attendance since our spring season kick off. Sarah is a first year Communication Science and Disorders major. She has been playing lacrosse for 4 years because a friend of her’s in high school encouraged her to pick up the sport and she “instantly fell in love with the game”. One of the main reasons Sarah loves lacrosse is because, “it is so high energy and everyone of the team had role, both on and off the field”. Her favorite memory so far of this spring season was our spontaneous team bonding at Buffalo Wild Wings. For the rest of the season Sarah is, “excited to see us grow as a team and to really kick off the spring season”. 

Thank you so much Sarah for your dedication to this team!


Day of Giving

Hi All!

Tomorrow is Butler University’s Day of Giving. This is an event where the whole university raises money to celebrate and support all different areas of campus. The event begins 2/27 at 6:00 AM and ends 2/28 at 12:55 PM.

We have an exciting year planned and we are asking for donations to help offset our general expenses. To keep the team progressing each season requires a significant budget that cannot be met by University funds and student dues alone. We depend on individuals as well as businesses in the community to support our team in order for us to continue to not only compete but also represent Butler University. Our expenses for the season consists of travel to and from tournaments, ref and field time fees, as well as some new equipment and uniforms that we currently lack.

Our goal is to acquire sufficient funds from donors and or sponsors to strengthen the foundation of our team and to ensure the future success of the program. Given that we are a non-profit organization, your donation is tax-deductible and serves as an excellent way to give back to your community. We graciously accept any assistance you can offer, and we thank you in advance for your support for our club and our University.

Donors will be presented with a letter of thanks as well as an acknowledgement certificate for your tax-deductible donation. You can click the “Giving” tab at the top of this website to find instructions on how to donate, and be sure to specify that the donation is for “Women’s Club Lacrosse” Thank you for your consideration.


Womens Club Lacrosse Executive Team – Maddie Fuchs, Janine Paquette, Frannie Peabody, Michaela Williams, & Kendall Jordan


Marketing Chair Election Results

Butler women’s club lacrosse team would like to give a huge congratulations to the new marketing chair…

Kendall Jordan 

The executives are excited to have Kendall join their team because of how dedicated she is to the team, and we are excited to see the new and creative ways that she will promote the team. Kendall will be taking over the club’s Instagram (@butlerwclublax) and Twitter (@BUWClubLacrosse) accounts as one of her main responsibilities, so make sure you go and follow them to see Kendall’s work this season.


Spring Season Kickoff

Hi Dawgs!

I am excited to announce some of the big things that are happening in women’s club lacrosse as we begin a new spring season. First of all, we now have 22 members on our roster. This is a large growth from last semester, and an even larger growth from last year. How exciting! Additionally, we officially have 4 games on our schedule throughout February and March, and hopefully we will be adding a home tournament sometime in April, so stay tuned for that. But the most exciting piece of news is that we added a new executive position for the club: Marketing Chair. We will be holding elections throughout the next week and will be posting the results promptly after. The new position entails managing the club Twitter and Instagram accounts, attending executive meetings, and designing official schedule posters. All the current executive members are excited to have another hand to help out behind the scenes. Also, we will be continuing player of the month so stay on the lookout for those posts to cheer on our members for their accomplishments.

That’s all for now. And as always, GO DAWGS!



Player Appreciation

November Player of the Month


Kendall Jordan

Kendall is a first year Healthcare and Business major who has been playing lacrosse since kindergarten. She has been awarded player of the month for November because of her commitment to the team, performance at the scrimmage against the BU boys club lacrosse team, and for always bringing her positive attitude! She started playing lacrosse because her family encouraged her to play another team sport. Kendall loves the sport because, “lacrosse has given me so many memorable times, friendships, and opportunities. I love working towards a common goal with my teammates and coaches. It has allowed me to grow as a leader, and I’m so thankful to have had the game in my life for so long”. In the scrimmage against the boys Kendall thought it, “was fun and a good bonding experience. I think [the boys] learned a little more about girls lacrosse and it’s always nice to get a win”. One thing that Kendall is looking forward too for the upcoming spring season is to grow closer to the team and continue to get wins as we face stronger teams. 

Thank you Kendall for always being a positive and encouraging member of this team! We cannot wait to see the great things you accomplish this upcoming year.

Player Appreciation

October Player of the Month

Women’s Club Lacrosse is starting something new this year called player of the month! This is a way in which the Butler community will be able to get to know the members of our team better as well recognizing individual achievements. For the month of October we want to congratulate….


Kasey is a sophomore CSD and psychology major who has been playing lacrosse since third grade. The reason why she loves lacrosse is because, “It gives me a chance to chance to play a sport with girls who feel passionate about it too, and gives me the chance to compete against great players.” During the game against Taylor University, Kasey helped our team achieve victory by scoring 4 goals, 1 assist, 5 ground ball controls, and 4 draw controls. WOW! Kasey’s favorite moment from the game was at half time where, “I never experienced such positive girls on and off the field which felt amazing.” In the upcoming spring season Kasey looks forward watching our team grown and hopefully get more wins as well.

Thank you Kasey for being such a great addition to the team!

GamesPlayer Appreciation

A New Season Has Begun

Hi All!

With the start of the new school year comes the start of a new lacrosse season. This year women’s club lacrosse has new leadership, all of whom are excited to see what this upcoming season brings. Our first game has been scheduled against TAYLOR UNIVERSITY ON SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28TH AT 9 AM ON IM FIELD 3! We encourage all to come out to see the new talent that we have this year.


Spring 2018 Season Wrap Up

The Club team traveled to Taylor University on 4/5 to play Taylor and Ball State. Butler got it’s second win of the season against Ball State 6-5!

This past weekend the team traveled to the University of Toledo to play against Western Michigan University, Xavier University, and Oakland University in a two day tournament.

We will close out our season this week in a scrimmage against the Men’s Club Lacrosse Team  on 4/12 at 7 pm at the athletic fields on campus. Everyone is welcome to join! Go Dawgs!


Butler v IU

Butler took on IU for the first game as a team in more than two years! It was a great opportunity to get field time in before the play day at Butler on March 24-25.