Boys, we are back. COVID may have put us off the radar for over a year but Men’s Club Volleyball is back and #readytoroll. With a current influx of young talent, Butler Club Volleyball is back. I’ll say it again, we are back.

This upcoming year brings hope to the club as we return to the sport we all love. Currently we are scheduled to visit Ball State on 11/20/2021 to go and win a tournament. As we near our 2022 Spring season we hope to travel the land of the Cacti, Phoenix, AZ. A lot of you may retire there, but not us, this is where we thrive. We were born to be volleyball players, even the vertically challenged. This is where we show them our abilities, nay our skills. We will succeed, we will prevail, we will win.

Have I mentioned…. WE ARE BACK.

God bless the U.S.A

Posted by Alex Reinke

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