Hello and welcome back everyone!

Simply providing a quick update on block party for the 2020-2021 season. Due to COVID-19 concerns the event has gone full online. We believe we have done everything we need to so that we are present in the online portion and easily accessible. With that being said we could have very easily missed a step that might not put us in touch with the maximum amount of players. That being said we are hoping this will serve as a secondary way for new players to get in touch.

We have a zoom meeting time from 11:30 to 2:00 tomorrow 8/29/20. That link is below. We will also use our Instagram page (@bumensclubvb) to keep people updated. Feel free to message us with any questions. The Butler Men’s Club Volleyball email is also a good place to reach us with any questions (mensvolleyballclub@butler.edu). Below is also a simple questionnaire to help the officers get in touch with new players.


We hope to interact with a lot of new players tomorrow, see you then!

Zoom Meeting- https://butleru.zoom.us/j/93584567052

Google Forms Questionnaire- https://forms.gle/daDWD7AXK9rrqkts6  

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