Hello, Butler Club Bass Fishing fans! We are so excited to announce our Spring 2020 schedule for our competitive members. As of now, our Recreational Team has more members, but our small and mighty competitive members are super excited to get out there and fish! They are traveling all over the place this year, to Alabama, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and right here in good old Indiana! Below is the schedule.


BASSMASTERS Smith Lake, Alabama February 27-29

FLW Central Mississippi River, Wisconsin May 29th

FLW Open division Kentucky/Barkley Lake, Kentucky March 17-18

Ice Box State tournament Summit Lake, Indiana April 25th

To stay up to date on our competitions and events, follow our Instagram @buclubbassfishing. A Twitter and Facebook page are on their way! Butler Club Bass Fishing will update again soon, in the meantime, have a great day. 

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